Charter Schools – Why These Are Great for Students

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Charter Schools – Why These Are Great for Students

Charter schools are basically public schools that are open to all children. To get admission in this school, a student does not need any entrance exam. There are no charges for tuition and it should participate in federal accountability and state testing programs. These schools form their own “charter” that is characterized by a set of performance standards and rules that they need to abide to.

What differentiates a charter school from a traditional school?

  • A charter school is completely exempt from certain local or state local rules and regulations
  • Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County and the larger of the Twin Cities, the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Charter schools near Minneapolis are governed by an organization or a group, in place of the state education board
  • This school is accountable to a performance contract that makes it obligated to fulfill standards as stated in the charter to maintain autonomy and receive funding
  • Funded by public funds and on a per-pupil basis

Reasons to select a charter school

Charter schools provide enhanced flexibility as compared to public schools in forming their own curriculum. Such flexibility can take various forms as mentioned below:

  • Schools can adjust to the curriculum and class materials to meet the needs of a student
  • Some schools form a theme or create an overall focus for the curriculum such as stem education, college prep, performing arts, or language immersion.
  • The teaching concept of charter school varies that allows kids to access online classes.

What is the method to enroll in a charter school?

Students need to apply to enroll in this school. If the number of applicants exceeds, then selection of the student is done via a lottery system.

Who forms a charter school?

A group of people who are responsible for forming this school includes community leaders, parents, school districts, teachers, or municipalities. This charter is later examined by authorizers who are responsible for the performance delivered by the charter school. The charter has to get renewed after every few years.

How do these schools get funds?

Charter schools get funded only when they get state-approved. If a charter gets approved, then they are majorly publicly funded. They can still receive private funding.

Do these schools have certified teachers?

It is not mandatory. Though most of the states need certification for all its teachers, but there are specific states that will describe certification differently.


A charter school has its benefits over traditional schools. Understanding the differences between a charter and a traditional school will help you make an informed selection.

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