Covering the Costs of Afterschool Activities

Brown Berkovits September 24, 2018 Comments Off on Covering the Costs of Afterschool Activities
Covering the Costs of Afterschool Activities

Any parent who has a child that participates in afterschool activities knows that the costs can sometimes be steep. Joining sports teams, taking dance lessons, or learning a musical instrument are all very beneficial ways to give your kids something constructive to do. It further stimulates the mind, helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduces the risks of many diseases, and teaches life-lessons like togetherness. As proud as you may be of your child for participating in such activities, the dues, costumes, events, and other related costs can get out of hand.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to afford your kids’ afterschool activities, consider these financial tips below:

  • Sell Things Around the House – Lots of people are living in a secret goldmine and have absolutely no idea. There are plenty of things around the house that you no longer use, which could turn you a decent profit. Go room to room looking for everything from clothes and shoes to appliances and electronic devices that you don’t use anymore. Auction or sell them online, or host a yard sale and make extra cash to pay for your child’s activities.
  • Cut Back in Other Areas – If you want to continue affording your children the advantage of afterschool activities it may come with a sacrifice. Take a look at your budget and spending habits and determine where you can cut back. Perhaps you cook home instead of eating out so much or you limit family outings and have fun indoors.
  • Take Out a Loan – Short-term loans can be a great way to pay for extracurricular activities for the entire year. There are quick personal loans you can apply for online and receive as much as $1250 in your checking account within one business day. You could use the loan to pay for dues, costumes, musical equipment, or art supplies, and then pay it back a little each month.
  • Look for Financial Assistance – Most districts have financial aid for low-income families to help them pay for their child’s afterschool activities. If you meet the requirements, fill out the application. You could have all or part of your child’s costs covered without needing to repay it.
  • Earn Cash on the Side – More money always makes things a little easier. So, if you have the time and an idea, you might as well put it to good use. Why not try something connected to your child’s activities? For example, you could offer carpooling services, aftercare to parents who work late, or tutoring to students who need extra math, language, or history help to the kids at the school and really cash in.

When it comes to your child’s happiness and development, you’ll do almost anything. Even if that means going bankrupt. If you have a child that participates in afterschool activities but are struggling to cover the associated costs, the above tips will help you out tremendously. If you’re still having trouble, consider looking for community teams and activities which tend to be free to local residents or very affordable.

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