The Benefits of Making a Clearing Plan for University Admission

Brown Berkovits May 7, 2017 Comments Off on The Benefits of Making a Clearing Plan for University Admission
The Benefits of Making a Clearing Plan for University Admission

Sourcing the right university is the pinnacle of 12 years of formal education, and although many students are fortunate enough to be accepted by their first choice university, one should be prepared for every eventuality. Once your A level exams are over, it is a time for much needed rest and relaxation, but during that time, it makes sense to formulate a Clearing plan, just in case.

Browse Courses

Putting together a Clearing plan means covering every possibility, and that includes having to modify your course choices. Spend a few hours browsing different university websites, and take note of any course that might be appropriate, then you can begin to make a list. You could be looking at art and design clearing in 2017, and if you have not had a firm offer by the time your A level results are out, you might need to use the Clearing process.

Be Organised

If your Clearing plan is well put together and easy to follow, you will be able to make contact with any university on the phone, and with your plan at your side, all the relevant information will be ready, should it be required.If you do have to enter the Clearing process, time in not on your side, and most places have gone within a few days of the A level results being announced. It is always best to start calling universities as soon as Clearing begins, and armed with your Clearing plan, you will be able to give all the right information when asked.

Stay Focused

Some students panic when they haven’t yet managed to secure a place and have to enter the Clearing process, yet there are still many positions available, and if you are flexible and are prepared to change your subject selections, it is likely you will source the right learning establishment to continue your studies. If, for some reason, you cannot get through on the phone, send an introductory email, along with your contact details, but keep calling as well, as most admissions offices will eventually get to answer all calls.

Check the Official Clearing Listings

Each university website will have details of their Clearing admissions, and a few hours of browsing might just land you the perfect admission, although you really need to make this a priority if you haven’t found a university when the A level results are published.

The Clearing Hotline

The Clearing process begins on the morning the A level results are posted, so you need to be on the ball early if possible. The Clearing hotline will soon be jammed with hopeful students who are trying to secure their own place, and most universities will have adequate staff members manning the phones, which means you should get through.

One ought to plan for every eventuality, and in the event your chosen courses are full, you might have to think about making a few changes, in order to be sure of admission.

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