Top 5 Primary School Interview Questions That You Must be Prepared to Face

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Top 5 Primary School Interview Questions That You Must be Prepared to Face

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Preparing for interview is more or less like preparing for exams; you can consider the commonly asked teaching interview questions, so that you’ve answers ready with you. As school teacher, you would be interested in taking part in afterschool activities, directing a school club, and other extra-curricular doings. In the interview round, it is good to express your attractive, active plan and express your enthusiasm in the teaching field. Following is a list of five frequently asked questions that can help you in facing the interview with 100% confidence, and securing your place in the organization.

Why Did You Choose the Teaching Profession?

You need to express your interest and be honest in this regard. Don’t talk too much in your defense; do some research and be prepared to give out diplomatic answers rather than blurting out too much. You need to do your ground-work, and find out more about the institution, and the job description. You can as well discuss with the staff members, who work in the educational institution or those who’ve recommended you.

Most face-to-face interviews begin with the basic question –“tell me about yourself!”

And, you’re expected to give a brief introduction in 3 to 4 sentences, including your qualifications, where you finished your education, what teaching experience you have, and probably your strengths.

What Teaching Style Do You Often Follow?

The teaching style for pre-nursery, primary, and secondary would vary; you need to explain your teaching style in an understandable way that suits several learning circumstances.

Highlight your capability in altering your teaching method to engage the pupils and their needs. You can give some examples that your colleagues and students commended you as a mathematics teacher. You can add some lesson plans to your subject, illustrating the aim of the lesson along with necessary materials, appraisement, assessment, and recourses.

Explain Your Discipline Viewpoint

Talk about your thinking about discipline and how it helps to foster learning. If there is positive classroom atmosphere, it would help students in understanding things better. You can also tell that discipline issues will be negligible, if your way of taking lessons is interesting to pupils. Tell how you’ve handled students single-handedly and what tactics you adopt when they do not listen to you.

Describe Your Communication and Management Skills

Being a teacher, you need to communicate clearly with parents and pupils as well as work well with colleagues. This question is very common in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Give assignment book, which has to be signed by parents every day. Invite guardian, parents, and create open-door policy to share their viewpoints. You can explain how you’re going to build rapport with parents, colleagues, and pupils.

Why Should We Recruit You?

This question is the selling point; be creative and answer in such a way that it adds value to the institution. Looking at job role, highlight your strengths, positive attitude and ensure that you’ve practical answer before you go to the interview.

Hopefully this guide will help you in cracking your interview rounds, and landing your dream job as a teacher.

About The Author – Richard Douglas is a primary class teacher and mathematics subject leader at school. You can leave your comments here or follow him on Twitter.

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