Which employers are more likely to win H1b visas?

Brown Berkovits June 1, 2019 Comments Off on Which employers are more likely to win H1b visas?
Which employers are more likely to win H1b visas?

In recent years, h1b visas (also known as h1b签证) have become more and more difficult to apply, and the refusal rate has continued to rise. The ratio of h1b rfe (RFE, Request for Evidence) has also increased greatly, and the difficulty of each step of the h1b visa process (also known as h1b签证流程) has increased. According to USCIS data, in the fourth quarter of 2018, nearly 60% of H1B applicants received requests for additional RFE, and in 2017, this figure was less than 30%. It is understood that the difficulty of the h1b transfer process (also known as h1b transfer流程) is gradually increasing. As time goes by, the h1b visa will come to an end in 2019 (also known as h1b签证2019). According to the current situation, the situation is not optimistic, and the refusal rate and rfe rate will continue to rise.

In the case that the refusal rate and the RFE (Supplementary Note) rate are greatly improved, it is particularly important to choose a reliable company to submit a h1b work visa (also known as h1b工作签证) application. In the past few years, according to the data released by USCIS, among the top 100 companies with the largest number of sponsors H1B, IT companies accounted for a considerable proportion, and Indian companies also accounted for a considerable proportion. The biggest employer of H1B was Cognizant, an Indian company based in New Jersey. I believe that most people have never heard of these Indian outsourcing companies. In fact, they provide computer information technology outsourcing services for large American companies and IT companies. Most of them are programmers of Indian descent. The H1B employees they hire in the United States are already much higher than those of well-known American companies. This shows the tragic disadvantage of Chinese students drawing lots…

However, in the past two years, according to data released by USCIS, the pass rate of several IT service companies such as Cognizant and Infosys is relatively low. This type of company represented by Infosys is also the target of USCIS in recent years. Comparing the overall H1B refusal rate of these companies in 2018 is even more tragic than the fourth quarter alone. HCL America, Syntel, Infosys, and Cognizant’s first submission rejection rate was between 34% and 61%, and Capgemini’s initial submission rejection rate was as high as 80%. The bleakness of these companies in applying for h1b was not only reflected in the first application, but also in the h1b extension, and about 25% were rejected.

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